Update 3.1-3.21

Date:2020-02-27 13:00:32 category:update

Update 3.1

1.Enhance Stat Changed,lv90/lv95/lv100 Weapon AD improved.Armors have additional damage(above +11) .
2.Add silver coins which can be dropped in raids(lv90+)
3.S3 DropTable changed,detail can be found here:http://www.pandoravindictus.com/category/drop

-Snowflake Wings
-Nine tailed Fox
-vip/vvip price reduced
-Succubus pet removed

5.Avatar/Outfit Shop
-Lethor Crest Hair
-Meshtop Set
-Brilliant Lugh Set
-Flawless Regina Set

6.Claire Shop
-Black Gale Set
-Crest Set

7.Arial Shop
-Emblems and town effects sold with silver coins.

Update 3.21

1.Lv95 Raids,Lv100 Raids normal difficulty added.
2.Reduced the difficulty of most Lv60-Lv90 raids
3.Rent shop item added.