Terms of Service


The rules listed within are subject to change without notice, major changes may be announced but there is no guarantee. It is your responsibility to check this article frequently for updates.Ignorance of the rules provided here is not and will not ever be an excuse.

Hacking in any way shape or form will result in a permanent bans across all of our services. Hacking is defined in any attempt to modify the Vindictus files, our client, and/or configuration files. Any use of packet editors, trainers, or other hack tools to gain a mechanical advantage is strictly forbidden. Botting or the use of bots are included as well.

Bug Abuse or Exploiting
All bugs should be reported. Any major bugs or exploits should be reported privately to a staff member immediately. Any attempts to abuse or take advantage of a bug or exploit are strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.

We take harassment seriously across all our services. Do not harass your fellow players and/or staff, Please report to a moderator if there are any situations of harassment occurring. Punishment may vary from a temporary ban to a permanent ban with case-by-case investigation of the situation. Impersonations also follow under this rule and result in an immediate ban.

Rumors and Conspiracies
Any attempt to begin rumors or conspiracies about a person, or Our Server, is forbidden. Any rumors or conspiracies heard or being seen should be reported to staff. This can be very subjective and will be assessed by staff. Punishment will vary on severity and impact.

Discussion of other Vindictus private servers, ‘Black Markets’ (i.e. RMT websites), websites that advertise hacks or bots for games in general, etc. is strictly forbidden. Advertising such things will be a permanent ban.

Account sharing
Sharing accounts at all is not allowed, if you lose items or lose access to your account due to sharing your information you will not be compensated. Bans will vary based on the situation.