Feature List

Date:2019-12-07 13:10:39 category:feature

Mainly Features

-You get free gear or weapon along the way in case you want to do the story.
-Free enchanted level 90 gear.
-Free outfits, inners, hair and body cosmetics (except for a few special sets),Video can be found here.
-Custom enhancement system, items won’t get destroyed or reset on failure,detial can be found here.
-Unlimited Web Dye interface: Click on Dye Website Link Here.
-Unlimited runs on most of the raids.
-Custom Seal of Bravery shop,Dullahan Ess shop,Astera Ess shop.
-Custom shops which include a variety of NX items, special vanity armor sets, among other things.
-Enhancement elixirs and Paradise stones drop on lots of raids.
-Seal of Bravery limit up to 30(s3 and above raids only)
-Lots of wings, pets, fashion,potions in Exchange Shop.
-Transformation exp required per level has been reduced to 1/10 as original.
-Transformation per battle (not per hour)

Outfit (It’s just part of it)

Custom Shop(It’s just part of it)

Arial、Claire、Macha、Selren Custom Shop (Inn at Colhen), Exchange Shops (Pets/Wings/Tails/Artifacts)