Q: where can i download game and start?
A: You can download it here,and follow the instruction.

Q: how do I start the game?
A: You have to start the PandoraLauncher.exe to start the game every time.

Q: how do I register an account?
A: Simply run PandoraLauncher.exe and press your “CreateAccount” key and register.

Q:I can’t write Account Info into the brackets.
A:Press Alt + Tabulator and go back into the game to reset the window.

Q: why does hero.exe become unresponsive/crash during loading?
A: When loading, try not to click on the program. The program likes to go unresponsive during the loading process (likely because it is mainly a single core process). If you click on an unresponsive program, Windows likes to think it crashed or “stopped working”. In this case, the program is still working so just let it sit for a few minutes.

Q: why can’t i add friends to friends list?
A: At this stage in game, this feature is not supported yet.

Q: why I meet the mysterious man but the npc didnt give any respond?
A: You need to do the main quest until you reach “The mysterious man” quest to unlock Nyle as NPC so you can continue your path quest.

Q: i need to talk to nel but she is not at the royal army barracks?
A: Go to the Colhen General Store; there, you will meet Sullivan. Then go to the Rocheste Bar and meet Sullivan again. Then head over to Rocheste Castle (not the barracks yet) and meet Nel. After you accept her quest, she will be at the Royal Army Barracks.

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